UIC – International Railway Association

UIC, the International Railway Association founded in 1922, counts 240 members across 5 continents, including railway companies, infrastructure managers, rail-related transport operators & research institutes. UIC’s members represent over 1 million kilometers of tracks, 2,900 billion passenger-km, 10,000 billion tonne-km and a workforce of 7 million railway staff. The UIC mission is to promote rail transport at world level and meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development.

UIC works closely with our members to reduce the impacts of climate change, this includes; improving rail sector energy efficacy, carbon accounting, climate change adaptation & informing passengers and clients about the impact of their transport choices (www.ecopassenger.com & www.ecotransit.org).

For COP21, UIC will co-ordinate a network of trains from across Europe and Asia to bring delegates to Paris by low carbon sustainable rail transport (www.traintoparis.org, @trainCOP21). This will be supported by the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge – a declaration of company level action by the worlds railway sector to mitigate climate change.

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